Speen Environmental Action Group

Welcome to the SEAG page.  Our group began a few months ago in response to the climate crisis and biodiversity loss.  Our aim is to raise awareness of climate breakdown and species extinction, to learn together and find ways to mitigate the problems as individuals and as a community. 

We live in a beautiful part of the world and sometimes it is difficult to comprehend the awful things that are happening to our planet and to understand the ways in which our lives may have contributed to this.  We look to find positive ways of enhancing, protecting and sustaining our environment and all the forms of life within it.  We invite everyone in Speen and the surrounding area to join us, as many already have, as we embark on exciting projects, events and campaigns.

We hope you will enjoy reading some articles each month about climate change, biodiversity and the group’s forthcoming events.  Please join us with your ideas and be part of something amazing in your local area.

Jane Farley
01494 488749

Protect and Restore Nature Projects
Contact: Jeni Fairey
01494 488930

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I’m Dreaming of a Greener Christmas