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Updates and corrections to the Leaves of Time [(i) First & (ii) Second Editions] can be found on this page. We are also happy to record comments, alternative views and additional material which may be submitted by email to

Ann Chilton

(i)p56 (ii)p52 N.C. Simmons should read N.C.Simmonds
(i)p62 (ii)p66 Members of the Speen Band (c. 1920) photograph left to right
Back Row : 1-Ted Floyd 2-Roy Bristow 3-Dick Bristow 4-Will Floyd
5-Fred Plumridge 6-Arch Bristow, 7-Ted Ridgley 8-Elsie Plumridge
Middle Row : 1-Will Bristow 2-Norman Ridgley 3-Bert Tilbury
4-William Plumridge 5-Ted Bristow 6-George Dean
Front Row : 1-Harold Mead 2-Archie Janes 3-Harold Gibbons 4-Jack Bristow
“donated by Mrs Hulton” should read “donated in 1968 by Miss B.E.Hulton”
(See cutting from The Bucks Herald dated 29 September 1977 about the opening of the Scout Hut – Hulton Lodge.)
Plumridge Diamond Wedding (1927) photograph left to right
Standing : 1-Reuben Fred (41) 2-Minnie (55) 3-William jnr (53) 4-Elsie (36)
5-Bessie (43) 6-Tom/John (46) 7-Daisy (49)
Seated : 1-Annie/Nancy (58) 2-Liza (81) nee Parslow 3-William snr (80)
4-Lily/Elizabeth (60)
 (i)(ii)P27 Ann Chilton
This update was provided by Charles Hendry in 2016, long time resident of “The Old Post Office” who conducted his own research into his step-great grandmother. He provides a lot of extra information about this highly respected lady, and corrects a few minor mistakes.
He also reproduces Ann Chilton’s signature from a mortgage document dated 1855. Click on the link below to read this fascinating 2 page update.

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