There is a TerraCycle Bin placed at the right hand side of the Speen Stores building (Laurel Close). Proceeds from this recycling goes to support St. John’s Primary School here in the village.
Thank you so much for recycling with us. Not only are you removing waste from landfill but you are helping to raise funds for our local school.

Recycling Lists – Updated April 2022
Please check the information below about what can be placed in it. It is really important that you only donate the items on the lists. Whilst other items may seem the same they are NOT ACCEPTED by the sponsors.

In order to be a great recycler, please follow these guidelines:-

  1. Please read the lists carefully..
  2. Take special note of what is NOT accepted.
  3. Please try and pre-sort items into types – bread bags are a great way to separate items (i.e 1 bag for biscuit wrappers, 1 bag for sweet wrappers, 1 bag for cheese wrappers etc etc).
  4. Please flatten crisp & popcorn packets and line them up. We have to reach minimum weight on the boxes we send and this is easier if the packets are already neat and lined up to transfer to the main box.
  5. If you are unsure about an item please email Jo – recycling@allaboutjo.me.uk
    or check the Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/RecyclingForStJohnsPrimary

Items accepted:

  1. Crisp, Popcorn, Nuts, Pretzel packets – All packets, including multipack outers. Crisp, Popcorn, nuts, pretzel Packets – All packets, including multipack outers. Please line up flat DO NOT scrunch or fold packets into small balls / triangles / knots – flat packets lined up are the best and are much easier to pack.
    No knots, NOdried fruit packets, seed packets.
  2. Bread BagsAny brand of plastic bread bags, wraps, crumpets, bread rolls, pitta, baguette, muffins, brioche, croissant or pasty packaging, donut / pastry trays.
    Please separate
    Warburtons Greaseproof paper style packaging. .
  3. Confectionery wrappers – All brands of confectionery are accepted (sweets, chocolate).
    NO foil, paper or rigid packaging.
  4. Biscuits and snacks Biscuit wrappers e.g digestives, go ahead bars, Jacobs cracker wrappers, cake bar wrappers, Bear Yoyo packets. NOPlastic biscuit trays.
  5. Pringle tubes ONLY Pringles Tubes. NO OTHER SIMILAR TUBES OR BRANDS
    Please put the plastic lids in your regular recycling.
  6. NEW! – Flexible Coffee Packaging – All brands of flexible coffee grounds & beans packaging.
  7. Beauty Product & Makeup PackagingFlexible plastic tubes, lids, pumps, plastic roll on deodorant bottles, face wipe packaging, plastic tops from regular deodorant, hair dye tubes, mascara wands, eye shadow boxes, lipstick, lip balm, face mask packets.
    NOBaby wipe packaging, plastic or glass bottles or tubs, medication tubes.
  8. Oral Caretoothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, electric toothbrush heads, toothbrush packaging, inter dental brushes. NOElectric or battery-operated toothbrush bodies, pump toothpaste, wooden toothbrushes, mouthwash bottles.
  9. Carex Packaging – Soap bottle pumps, carex refill pouches. NO Plastic bottles.
  10. Home Cleaning Packaging – Flexible plastic – eg Fragrance twin pack sleeves, flexible stain remover packaging, dishwasher table and salt packaging, cleaning wipe packaging. Tinted fabric conditioner bottles, tinted plastic tubs (e.g flash wipes), plastic air freshener containers
    NOaerosols, oven cleaner packaging, cleaning bottle pumps
  11. Writing Implements – Biros, highlighter pens, marker pens
  12. LOL doll packagingPlastic wrappers, accessories, display cases.
  13. Kinder PackagingKinder packaging of any sort including the yellow insides.
  14. Ferrero Rocher Packaging – plastic boxes & foil. NO paper & cardboard
  15. Hasbro Games & ToysAny toys and games with Hasbro branding eg My Little Pony, Nerf, Playdoh, Mr Potato Head, monopoly and loads more
    https://products.hasbro.com/en-gb/brands NOElectronic games
  16. Plastic Flexible Cheese packaging wrappers, pouches, plastic film, plastic nets for mini
    NO cheese slice dividers, tubes, harder plastic bases.
  17. Babybel packaging including the wax.
  18. Marigold gloves & their packagingNO other brands
  19. Disposable Gloves – Latex / polyethylene / nitrate / vinyl gloves. Please turn inside out.
  20. Foreign currency, Stamps, Old Jewellery
  21. Electrical items (phones / sat navs / tablets etc – broken is good!)
  22. BRANDED Printer cartridges – Inkjet and toner cartridges – BRANDED only.
    NOTE please separate cartridges from other waste as they tend to leak!

We regularly have to throw away the following items so please DO NOT put them in the bins. Whilst the packaging may seem similar to other accepted items the schemes above are sponsored by brands and they are very strict as to what they will accept.
Baby Food or yogurt Pouches
Pet Food Packaging
Yogurt multipack packaging and lids
Fruit and Veg packaging and Frozen Food packets
Pasta Packets, Rice Packets, Super Noodles, Cooking Sauces
Glass bottles and tubs
Ice Lolly packaging
Baby Wipes packaging
Cereal / oats packaging, Porridge Sachets
Nappy packaging
Cartons / Tetrapak – collected by council
Milk bottle lids
Capri sun
Sausage roll packaging
Water Filters & packaging
Electric / battery toothbrush bodies – collected by council
Toothpaste pumps
Plastic bottles (aside from those accepted on cleaning scheme)
Kitchen roll / toilet roll packaging
Pepperami packaging
Non branded ink cartridges
Contact lenses
General plastic bags / packaging
Plastic envelopes
Medicine Packaging – take to Superdrug
Can rings & tin packaging

Lots of supermarkets now run their own plastic collections so please consider taking the items we don’t take to them.