We are pleased to announce that there is a now a TerraCycle Bin with the proceeds going to St. John’s Primary School. It is placed at the right hand side of Speen Stores building (Laurel Close).
Thank you so much for recycling with us. Not only are you removing waste from landfill but you are helping to raise funds for our local school.

Please check the information below about what can be placed in it.

In order to be a great recycler, please follow these guidelines:-

  1. Please stick to the list of items accepted.
  2. Ensure all food is emptied from the packaging.
  3. Please try and pre-sort items where possible-bread bags are a great way to separate items.
  4. Try and avoid mixing items up (e.g. Sweet wrappers inside crisp packets are a bit of a nightmare!)
  5. Please don’t fold up packets-flat packets are the best.
  6. If you are unsure about an item please email Jo – recycling@allaboutjo.me.uk
    or check the Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/RecyclingForStJohnsPrimary

Items accepted:

  1. Crisp packets – All crisp packets, including multipack outers. Please try not to scrunch or fold packets in to small balls/triangles/knots-flat packets are the best and are much easier to be packed.
  2. Bread bags – Any brand of stretchy plastic loaf bags like a basic sliced loaf.
    NO crinkly packaging, wraps, crumpets, bread rolls, pitta, baguette, muffins, brioche, croissant or pasty packaging, greaseproof paper style packaging (e.g Warburtons).
  3. Confectionery wrappers – All brands of confectionery are accepted (sweets, chocolate).
    NO foil, paper or rigid packaging-please place in regular household recycling.
  4. Biscuits and snacks – Plastic biscuit wrappers e.g digestives, go ahead bars, Jacob’s cracker wrappers, cake bar wrappers The flexible packaging only.
    NO Plastic biscuit trays or cardboard wrappers.
  5. Pringle tubes – YES – Pringles tubes, flattened. NO other tube brands.
  6. Cheese bags – flexible packaging.
    Babybel -all packaging. The nets and the wax.
  7. Baby Food pouches – Any brand of baby food pouches.
    NO pouches for other products e.g Capri sun (please separate from other waste as they can leak!)
  8. Personal care product packaging – Flexible plastic tubes, sachets, lids, pumps, plastic roll on deodorant bottles, face wipe packaging, plastic tops from regular deodorant, hair dye tubes.
    NO Baby wipe packaging, rigid plastic or glass bottles or tubs, pumps from household cleaning bottles, medication tubes.
  9. Makeup packaging – Plastic makeup packaging, mascara wands, eyeshadow boxes, lipstick, lip balm, facial wipes packaging, disposable masks packaging.
  10. Oral Care -toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, electric toothbrush heads, toothbrush packaging.
    Electric or battery operated toothbrush bodies, pump toothpaste, wooden toothbrushes, mouthwash bottles or interdental brushes.