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Welcome to the village website for Speen in Buckinghamshire – run by villagers for the village. To make comments on this website you will need to register first then login. (Register Here) (Log In Here).


SPEEN FETE raised over £3,800 in 2018. This year we had a pirates theme and a big crowd enjoyed a wonderful afternoon.
Adverters in this year’s Programme are the following (Did you keep your programme for the quiz?)

Business Website
Airs House www.airshouse.com
Ashridge Home Care www.ashridgehomecare.co.uk
Beechdean www.beechdean.co.uk 
Boiler Juice www.boilerjuice.com
Briants of Risborough Ltd www.briantsltd.co.uk
C G Tree and Garden www.cgtreeandgardenservices.co.uk
Deluxe Roofing www.deluxeroofing.co.uk
Hampden Arms www.thehampdenarms.co.uk
Harrow www.harrowhughenden.co.uk
Hypnos www.HypnosBeds.com
K and B Family Butchers www.kandbfamilybutchers.co.uk
Lloyd Latchford Group Ltd www.lloydlatchford.com
Lloyds Wine www.LloydsWines.com
Mark Wengler mawengler@aol.com
Peterley Manor Farm www.peterleymanorfarm.co.uk
Radley Aylesbury www.radleyaylesbury.co.uk
SB Professional SBDecorations2000@hotmail.co.uk
Tudor Travel www.tudortravel.co.uk
Wren Davis www.wrendavisdelivery.co.uk
The Burnside Partnership www.theburnsidepartnership.com
Gaynor Roberts Coaching www.GaynorRoberts-lifecoaching.co.uk
Posh Paws www.facebook.com/PoshPawsWidmerEnd
Bow Wow www.bowwownow.co.uk
The “AFTER THE FETE QUIZ” has now started. Come back every Tuesday for your chance to win £25 cash.

 Quiz Rules

1) There will be 4 questions. A new question appears on this page of the  each week after the Fete.
2) The first person to submit a correct answer gets 5 points, the second gets 4 points and so on.
3) The person who gets the most points by the end of the month wins the £25 cash prize.
Every entrant is encouraged to register with the Speen Village Website, but you can enter in two different ways:-
a) By posting your answer as a Comment on the Home page of the village website, or
b) By sending your answer to “Village@Speenbucks.org”

Best of luck, and remember – you will need your Fete Programme to find the answers.
Q1Which advertiser wants you to “SWITCH ON”?
Q2 Which advertiser is open Tuesday to Sunday?
Q3 Which advertiser uses the Rose as their emblem?
Whoops – a day late with this one . . . .
Q4 – Which two advertisers telephone numbers both end in 025
Answers next week


May Bank Holiday 2019 match against North Dean



SPEEN FESTIVAL 2019: 1st to 15th September. Latest Festival news and learn about various sponsorship & advertising opportunities available to local businesses [Read More]


Speen Message Board

A web based message board for Speen was set up in 2002 and is still going today. Click on this link http://speenbucks.proboards.com/ or copy the address into your address bar to access it.

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  • NissenSamuels


    I am trying to find out more about my parents’ whereabouts in the Second World War. My mother was twenty when her firm was evacuated to Plomer Hill House in Downley, but she spent a lot of time in Speen. It is possible that she lived there, possibly with someone called Greta who may have been originally German. She often talked fondly about Speen and she told me that it was at Speen that my father first kissed her when the bus driver told him to hurry up and kiss her as the bus needed to depart.
    I know it’s a long shot but can anyone help me?
    Came to Speen a week ago and spoke to two women in the Village Store who were far too young to remember 1941 but were otherwise most helpful.
    Here’s hoping Linda Nissen Samuels


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