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Welcome to the village website for Speen in Buckinghamshire – run by villagers for the village. To make comments on this website you will need to register first then login. (Register Here) (Log In Here).

by Speen Pre-school raised £345 in Jan 2018

New Play Equipment Update – Speen Playing Fields

In August our play equipment provider (Kompan) completed the installation of the new play equipment on the playing fields. We have 3 new pieces of equipment

  • BLOQ climbing/scrambling piece
  • Tower and Slide
  • Net Swing

All of this new equipment is now available for playing on.  All our other existing equipment is available for use too.  We hope you like the new pieces and the children are having great fun playing on them.

Speen Playing Fields

Speen Fete 7th July 2018

Thank you to the Fete Committee for another wonderful Fete this year.

AFTER THE FETE QUIZ rules, and how to enter. (This competition has now closed)

1) There were 4 questions. A new question appeared on the Home page of the Speen Village Website (www.SpeenBucks.org.uk) each week after the Fete.
2) The first person to submit a correct answer got 5 points, the second got 4 points and so on.
3) The person who got the most points by the end of the month won the £25 cash prize.
Every entrant is expected to have registered with the Speen Village Website, but you can enter in two different ways:-
a) By posting your answer as a Comment on the Home page of the Village Website,
b) By sending your answer to “Village@Speenbucks.org”

Best of luck, and remember – you will need your Fete programme to find the answers.
Question 1
Who provides a banquet every Wednesday night?
Answer – The Mowchak
Question 2
Who is offering a saving of £61?
Answer – Briants of Risborough
Question 3
Non medical limb removal is conducted by whom?
Answer – Gabris Gardening
Question 4
Which advertiser has 4 consecutive 5’s in their telephone number
Answer – Lloyd Latchford Group Ltd

In the meantime, here is a list of our advertisers and links to their websites, together with a BIG thank you for their support :-

Airs House www.airshouse.com
Anna Rose Dance www.annarosedance.co.uk
Ashridge Home Care www.ashridgehomecare.co.uk
Beechdean Dairy Ice Cream www.beechdean.co.uk 
BoilerJuice www.boilerjuice.com
Briants of Risborough Ltd www.briantsltd.co.uk
C G Tree and Garden Services www.cgtreeandgardenservices.co.uk
Chris Warren Construction www.chriswarrenconstruction.co.uk
Deluxe Roofing www.deluxeroofing.co.uk
Gabris Gardening www.GabrisGardening.co.uk
The Hampden Arms www.thehampdenarms.co.uk
The Harrow www.harrowhughenden.co.uk
Heathercliffe Cottage
(New Property No 4484222)
The Horse Trust www.horsetrust.org.uk
Hypnos Beds www.HypnosBeds.com
Line Dancing Classes Tel 01494 863495 – No website
Lloyd Latchford Group Ltd www.lloydlatchford.com
Lloyds Wine www.LloydsWines.com
M Atherton Electrical www.checkatrade.com/MAthertonElectrical/
Mark Wengler Tel 01494 488025 No website
Peterley Manor Farm www.peterleymanorfarm.co.uk
Pink & Lily www.pink-lily.com
Radley Aylesbury Ltd. www.radleyaylesbury.co.uk
SB Professional Tel 01296 486470 No Website
The Mowchak www.the-mowchak.co.uk
Tudor Travel www.tudortravel.co.uk
Wren Davis www.wrendavisdelivery.co.uk

Speen Message Board

A web based message board for Speen was set up in 2002 and is still going today. Click on this link http://speenbucks.proboards.com/ or copy the address into your address bar to access it.

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