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NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH has been warned that some fraudsters are operating in the area, posing as officials from the Home Office. They are very presentable and have documents with the letterhead ‘Department of Home Affairs’ and claim to be confirming that everyone has a valid ID for the upcoming Census. They are really simply attempting to rob homes.
Please let your family, friends and neighbours know about this.

SPEEN FETE raised over £3,800 in 2018. This year we had a pirates theme and a big crowd enjoyed a wonderful afternoon.

SPEEN FESTIVAL 2019 ran from 30 August to 15th September and was a fantastic event. Come along to enjoy the Festival Wrap Party at the village hall on Friday 4th October from 7:30pm, where the village organisations will also be receiving their presentations from the Fete.

HUGHENDEN VALLEY are celebrating 125 years since the creation of their parish in 1894.
They have organised some visits to the Bomber Harris Room at RAF Naphill in September, and also a series of Local and Historical Talks in October.
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Speen Message Board

A web based message board for Speen was set up in 2002 and is still going today. Click on this link http://speenbucks.proboards.com/ or copy the address into your address bar to access it.

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  • NissenSamuels


    I am trying to find out more about my parents’ whereabouts in the Second World War. My mother was twenty when her firm was evacuated to Plomer Hill House in Downley, but she spent a lot of time in Speen. It is possible that she lived there, possibly with someone called Greta who may have been originally German. She often talked fondly about Speen and she told me that it was at Speen that my father first kissed her when the bus driver told him to hurry up and kiss her as the bus needed to depart.
    I know it’s a long shot but can anyone help me?
    Came to Speen a week ago and spoke to two women in the Village Store who were far too young to remember 1941 but were otherwise most helpful.
    Here’s hoping Linda Nissen Samuels


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